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Step-Up DC-DC Converter
Part No. Features Vin(range)(V) Io(mA) Iq(uA) Efficiency Package Datasheet
UC2306L-xx DC-DC Converters With Lo-Bat Detector 8 500 120   SOP-8 DIP-8 Datasheet
UC3383L-xx PFM Controlled,Step-Up DC-DC Converters 0.9~10V Io up to 100mA 5 Up to 85% SOT-25 SOT-89 Datasheet
UC8383L-XX 150kHz Max PFM Step-Up DC-DC Converters 0.8~5.5V Io up to 200mA 18 Up to 90% SOT-89 Datasheet
UC3500L-XX 150kHz Max VFM Step-Up DC-DC Converters 0.8~5.5V Io up to 150mA 18 Up to 80% SOT-25 SOT-23 SOT-89 Datasheet
UC3553L-XX High Efficiency Synchronous Step-up DC-DC Converters (Vout=2.5V,2.8V,3.0V,3.3V,5.0V) 1.1~6V Io up tp 300mA 20 Up to 92% MSOP-8 Datasheet
*UC3551L-XX 450kHz High Efficiency Step-up DC-DC Converters and Controller (Vout=2.5V,2.8V,3.0V,3.3V,5.0V) 2.0~6V Io up tp 300mA 25 Up to 90% SOT-26 SOT-89-5 Datasheet

Step-Up PWM DC-DC Controller
Part No. Features Vin(range)(V) Io(mA) Iq(uA) Package Datasheet
UC3380L PWM/PFM Step -Up Switching regulator controller 0.9~10V 80 0.5 SOT-25 Datasheet
UC3550L-XX 300kHz PWM Step-up DC-DC Controller 0.8 1∼2A以下 50∼100 SOT-25 Datasheet
UC3552L-XX Step-up DC-DC Converters and PWM Controller 14 - 300 MSOP-8 SOP-8 Datasheet

DC-DC Converter(Step-Down /Step-Up)
Part No. Features Vin(range)(V) Icc Isw(A) Package Datasheet
3563L High-Efficiency DC-DC Converter 30.0V 1.6mA 2A DIP-8 SOP-8 Datasheet
MC34063/AL Variable Frequency DC-DC Converter Controller IC
for Step-Up or Step-Down Voltage Converter
40.0V 2.7mA 1.5A DIP-8 SOP-8 Datasheet