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Nuvoton's family of Voice CODEC solutions address the market requirements for voice-grade A/D and D/A conversion at the lowest possible cost. The portfolio includes both single and dual channel devices with 3V, 5V or mixed 3V/5V supply voltages options as well as a variety of analog output variations. All CODECs comply with industry standard ITU G.711 and G.712 recommendations.

Key Features

Single and Dual Channel devices available PCM Encoding
  • A-Law/m-Law companding according to ITU-T G.711 by pin selection (except W681360)
  • 13-bit Linear ADC/DAC conversion with 2s complement data format (W681360 only)
A/D & D/A filter according to ITU-T G.712 Lowest power dissipation in the industry in standby and powered modes
Extensive Master Clocks options (256kHz to 4800kHz) PCM Digital Interface Clock Formats
  • Short Frame Sync
  • Long Frame Sync
  • IDL
  • GCI

Fully-Differential Analog Circuit Design for lowest noise Industrial Temp Range: (-40OC to 85OC) AEC-Q100 Qualification


Low power consumption ideal for mobile battery-powered applications Low power consumption ideal for mobile battery-powered applications ITU Standards compliant allows for faster qualifications for telecom applications Built-in output amplifier saves external component cost Development platforms ensure short time to market Small packages for small footprint designs


VoIP Telephones Digital Telephones PBX Terminals USB Phones Bluetooth/2.4GHz Headsets Speakerphones DECT / Cordless Phones

Part No. # of Channels PCM Format Supply Voltage Power (TYP/STBY) Package
W6810 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V 25mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP20,
W6811 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V Analog 25mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP24,
3V Digital
W681310 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 3V 10mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP20,SSOP20,
W681360 1 13-bit Linear 3V 9.8mW / 0.09ŁgW SOP20, SSOP20,
W681511 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V 25mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP20
W681512 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V 30mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP20, SSOP20,
W681513 1 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V 25mW / 0.5ŁgW SOP20
W682310 2 Łg-Law / A-Law 3V 22mW / 3ŁgW SOP24, SSOP20
W682510 2 Łg-Law / A-Law 5V 35mW / 5ŁgW SOP24, SSOP20