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Nuvoton USB Audio Controller Series provide a complete line of USB VoIP and Audio solutions with integrate fast 8051 MCU, USB2.0 Full Speed compliant controller with PHY, 16bit ADC/DAC with 8KHz íV 48KHz sampling rate in a single chip package.

With full function integration that quickens design time, the product series provides a single-chip, one-stop solution for a spectrum of USB audio and VoIP applications including USB headset, USB microphone, USB phone, USB speaker phones, PSTN/USB dual mode phones, USB PSTN gateways and USB Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs). NuvotoníŽs new higher-integration part can replace 3 to 4 devices and offers the lowest BOM costs for PC-based Audio and VoIP applications. Its 16-bit ADC/DAC with 8/16/48-kHz wide-band sampling rate results in the best voice quality in a PC environment.

W681308 is USB2.0 full speed compatible and integrates a fast 8051 MCU that enables feature rich applications. The part also has a 8/16/48-kHz sampling rate wideband Codec with a 16-bit ADC/DAC and Acoustic Echo cancellation (AEC) and AGC to support USB speaker phone applications. This single-chip solution also supports full-duplex echo cancellation, 3-channel PCM mixer, integrated microphone amplifier and speaker driver, flexible OTP custom programming and complete reference design solutions. The high integration of the W681308 enables lower cost and smaller board space design..

The W681306 and W681307 are designed for PC-based USB telephony applications targeting USB handset, USB speaker phone, PSTN/USB dual mode phone, USB PSTN gateway and USB Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs). They include an integrated 4-channel PCM mixer for conference applications, an SPI interface for external serial flash and LCD module support. Reference designs are available for building USB Gateway and USB ATA solutions with NuvotoníŽs Voice CODEC or Pro-X ICs. A complete Software Development Kit (SDK) for 8051-based Keil C development system is available.

Part No. Description Package
W681306 8051 MCU with 192KB Mask ROM, USB 2.0 FS, PSTN and Caller ID interface, 16-bit CODEC, SPI, PCM, 4-channel PCM mixer LQFP-100
W681308 Turbo 8051 MCU with 8KB OTP , USB 2.0 FS, 16-bit CODEC, 8/16/48Khz SR, Echo cancellation, UART, SPI, PCM/I2S, 3-channel PCM mixer LQFP-48