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The "TV Edutainment/ Game Family" is the highly integrated chip for TV-toy/game application. In W55V9x, many functions are embedded; including 65C816 £gC, CRT controller (CRTC), TV encoder, Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) and other miscellaneous peripherals. Additionally, the Direct Memory Access (DMA) mechanism can make W55V9x more powerful in image processing.

Part No. ROM (Byte) PRAM+ VRAM (Byte) Sprites Color mode CMOS sensor I/F Sound I/O Pins UART/ SPI Voltage (volt)
W55V96 16M Max.(External) 8K+8K 224/frame20/line 4/16/64/256 Y PSG/PCM/ADPCM 8I, 24 I/O Y 3.0 - 3.6